Orange142 Welcomes Craig Richards

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Orange142 takes pride in adding people to the team that are smart, driven and looking out for the best interests of our clients and partners. With that said, we are happy to welcome Craig Richards to the Business Development team! Craig joins the company after 7+ years of tourism advertising and digital media solutions experience.

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How Orange142 Collaborates with Ad Agencies

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When it comes to digital media placements it is important to collaborate with an organization that has an expertise in the industry. We at Orange142 position ourselves as the digital media and advertising experts to compliment the comprehensive planning and strategy that our agency partners perform on behalf of a client. Utilizing our custom ad serving platform and media tracking dashboard, we work together with ad agency partners to provide the best possible media campaign for a client.


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Native Advertising Quick Overview

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Native Advertising is strategically targeted advertising that takes on the natural appearance and function of the platform on which it is found. In layman’s terms, it is advertising that camouflages itself to blend in as organic publisher content. Quality native advertising is nearly indistinguishable from the organic content, with the exception of the “sponsored” watermark that must appear.

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