4 Reasons Advertisers are Converting to Connected TV and Internet Radio

Digital VS Traditional. We’ve all questioned where our brand will thrive. Traditional has shrinking attention while Connected TV (OTT, CTV Advanced TV) and Internet Streaming Radio are improving performance and targeting capabilities. As the industry evolves, advertisers are making the shift to platforms that are a better fit for their brand.

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Case Study: Tarleton State University

Orange142 partnered with Tarleton State University to deliver messaging to their desired audience of adults seeking professional development. The campaign utilized a variety of digital advertising solutions including Paid Search, Pre-Roll Video and Paid Social Advertising.

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Understanding the Difference between 1st Party Vendors and 3rd Party Vendors

I had an interesting conversation  with a client a few weeks ago about dealing with,“middle-man” style vendors and the disadvantages of such an arrangement that got me thinking…  “I wonder how many advertisers are purchasing media from this style of vendor without even realizing it?”  Throughout my years of experience in digital advertising, I’ve learned there are many advantages to working directly with 1st party vendors. Within this blog I’ll discuss several of the benefits and share meaningful questions to ask potential 3rd party vendors, even the ones that may not want you to know their arrangement. I hope this information can help equip you with new knowledge of how your strategic partners are placing your paid digital advertisements!

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Understanding The Power Of Audio – What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Have you ever considered the sound of your brand?

Now it’s more important than ever to decide what your brand sounds like. The audio space is doing nothing but growing and as a marketer it is imperative to start developing what that brand should sound like. A brands voice is becoming as important as any other of your brands standards.

In an era where audio has entered the advertising space, it’s more important than ever to decide “What does my brand sound like?”. Audio advertising is growing rapidly and as a marketer it is imperative to develop your brands sonic identity.

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Case Study: Meet Atlantic City

Meet Atlantic City (Meet AC) and the Atlantic City Sports Commission have grown in partnership with Orange142 over the past several years. Orange142 assists with digital media strategy, execution and analytical reporting to help Meet AC reach meetings and sports planners, drive RFPs, and deliver a measurable return on ad spend. While each year campaign results improve, this case study showcases the 2018 calendar year and provides a snapshot of the results of the targeted digital media advertising.

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Top 9 Must Check Setups for Google Paid Search

If you look up or “Google” how to setup a paid search account, many articles point towards essentially spending more money to help your keywords place higher. That is just one part of the optimization processes but quite honestly, the least effective and most expensive. We are often asked by prospective clients “what would you do to optimize our paid search account?” We figured we’d put together a list of the first items our team checks on when setting up, managing and optimizing a paid search account.

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Orange142 Travel & Leisure Audience Targeting

Orange142 has built an advertising suite of solutions coupled with over 40 premium data partners and our own proprietary database of consumers and travelers. This allows for comprehensive media campaigns that are served to the absolute correct audience and optimized towards awareness, engagement and ultimately booked room nights!

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