University of Pennsylvania Summer Program

By: Cassandra Razzi | Categories:General

In higher education, summer programs present a unique opportunity for students to explore their academic interests and enhance their learning experience. The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) recognized this potential and embarked on a six-month campaign to promote its “Penn Summer” program. Penn aimed to attract students from the tri-state area and feeder schools through a […]

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Unleashing the Power of AI in Destination Marketing

By: Scott Schult | Categories:Industry Info Solutions & Capabilities

Orange142 leverages data trained AI to improve media buying and deliver exceptional advertising results to DMOs. Learn more about leveraging AI in destination marketing.

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Driving Success through Partnership 

By: Whitney Fenzel | Categories:Audience Targeting Case Studies General

Destination marketing can be enhanced through collaboration, as demonstrated by the successful Dollywood/Pigeon Forge Co-Op campaign. By utilizing Pigeon Forge’s audience, Dollywood aimed to attract more visitors to its seasonal festivals and on-site resort. This blog post will detail this campaign’s practical strategies and impressive results.  The objective was clear: capture the attention of potential […]

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Unveiling the Luxury of Cape Resorts: A Successful Marketing Campaign

By: Lindsey Wilkes | Categories:Analytics & Reporting Case Studies

Discerning travelers seek exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression on luxury getaways. Cape Resorts, renowned for its exclusive properties, launched a nine-month marketing campaign to showcase its luxurious destinations to select geographical markets. Through a carefully crafted strategy and innovative tactics, the campaign achieved remarkable success, elevating Cape Resorts to new heights of recognition […]

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Unleashing the Transformative Power of Multicultural Marketing to Connect with Diverse Travel Audiences

By: Scott Schult | Categories:Audience Targeting

Explore key areas in which destination marketers can use multicultural marketing to connect with diverse travel audiences.

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The Importance of LGBTQ+ Influencer Marketing in Destination Marketing

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Audience Targeting

Orange142 had the opportunity to support and partner with the Florida Out Coast Convention for their inaugural event to share with attendees marketing agency perspective on LGBTQ+ influencer marketing. In parallel, the team took the time to map out the importance of inclusivity and diversity for destination marketers, why this often most important solution is not […]

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Orange142’s Driving Program Awareness and Leads: University of Georgia Online Case Study

By: Wesley Rupar | Categories:Case Studies

The objective of the University of Georgia Online campaign was to drive program awareness and generate leads for select programs offered by the university’s online arm. The campaign targeted specific demographics and psychographics to create program-based personas and effectively promote the university’s diverse master’s programs and graduate certificates. The campaign developed program-based personas using demographics […]

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Leveraging Influencer Marketing in Destination Promotion

By: Scott Schult | Categories:General Industry Info

More than ever, influencers are playing an increasingly significant role in the marketing of various products and services, including travel and tourism. As a result, destination marketers are leveraging the power of influencer marketing to promote their destinations and attract potential new travelers. At Orange142, we believe that influencer marketing done right can be a […]

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Data-Driven Destination Marketing: How to Leverage Analytics for Success

By: Scott Schult | Categories:Analytics & Reporting Audience Targeting

As a destination marketer, it’s essential to understand your audience and how they interact with your brand. This understanding allows you to develop effective marketing strategies and allocate your resources more efficiently. One of the most powerful tools for gaining insight into your audience is data analytics. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to […]

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 Orange142’s Successful Digital Advertising Campaign Targeting Multicultural Hispanic Audiences

By: Calvin Scharffs | Categories:Case Studies

In today’s ever-changing and diverse marketplace, reaching and connecting with a wide range of audiences is essential. One such audience is the multicultural Hispanic audience, often underserved by traditional advertising channels. This is where Orange142 comes in, a digital marketing agency that has successfully targeted this audience through its digital advertising channels. Orange142 could serve […]

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