4 Reasons Advertisers are Converting to Connected TV and Internet Radio

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Industry Info

Digital VS Traditional. We’ve all questioned where our brand will thrive. Traditional has shrinking attention while Connected TV (OTT, CTV Advanced TV) and Internet Streaming Radio are improving performance and targeting capabilities. As the industry evolves, advertisers are making the shift to platforms that are a better fit for their brand.

  1. Better Targeting
    Put your money where it counts. Through traditional TV advertising a good portion of your views go to the wrong audience. Ads served where it really matters increases the chances of a sale. Using Connected TV, you can refine who sees your ad while through traditional you’re winging it.
  2. Consumer Insights
    Where is your audience? What’s the demographic? How high is their intent? These questions are near impossible to answer in the traditional advertising landscape. Connected TV and Streaming Radio allows us to see what content is engaging with targeted consumers, how long they watch or listen to ads, how many times an individual is served an ad and even if they take action and visit the advertiser website.Additionally, when utilizing a Media Attribution model, advertisers can see the entire user journey such as:

    Watching an ad on HULU or through Apple TV →
    Being served a banner ad →
    Doing a Google Search →
    Hearing an ad on Spotify →
    Visiting the advertiser site and converting.

  3. Consumer Adoption
    Everything is constantly evolving. So should your ad platforms. Rotary phones are obsolete and smart phones have taken over. The shift is rapidly accelerating in today’s digital environment and people are consuming media in new and different ways. 2019 is the year digital media consumption surpassed traditional broadcast television. No longer are consumers willing to sit through 2-5 minutes of a commercial break during their favorite sitcoms.
  4. Cross-device Ad Serving
    Frequency is extremely expensive for traditional TV ads. Your budget and ad effectiveness goes so much further when shifting your budget to a more digital friendly environment. The platforms serve your audience wherever they are and whatever they use.

No matter your industry your competitors are investing more in digital and less in traditional. Consider doing the same. It will be more expensive to catch up than to get in the game.