5 Ways to Assist with Nurse Recruitment During & After COVID-19

By: Brett Bradley | Categories:Covid-19

With being one of the most vital professions in the world, a registered nurse is one of the top 3 hardest jobs to fill in America. It is extremely important to be efficient and strategic in your recruitment strategy. With the influx of the COVID-19 virus, the demand for nurses is larger than anything we have seen during our lifetime.

Between loss of services, recruitment, onboarding and contract nursing, the cost to replace or hire a registered nurse is estimated between $22,000 and $64,000. At Orange142, we have a number of solutions to assist with your recruitment strategy to find qualified registered nurses, while also building your candidate pool and employment brand.

Unique Solutions to Reach Prospective Nurses:

  1. Geofencing
    Serve ad creative (including banners, video, native and more) to current nurses working in nearby hospitals and health offices. Geofencing campaigns help to reduce wasted ad spend while ensuring only your most ideal audience is the one seeing your messaging.

  2. Social Media
    Target potential candidates directly in their newsfeeds on Facebook & Instagram. With the ability to target by employer, recent nursing school grads, and even former nurses looking to get back in the field, social media is a great tool to reach prospects. Facebook in particular works well when setup with specific campaign goals such as driving direct response leads or generating web traffic to recruitment sites. Build your employer brand by driving likes to a customized Facebook Careers page with original content.

  3. Connected TV
    50 million households are expected to drop cable & satellite TV by 2021 and the streaming platforms are becoming more advanced than traditional television had even been! Reach specific households and audiences through addressable data and even serve video ads to specific nurse audience segments. Ability to place ads on Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Youtube TV, and more to reach prospective nurses watching top premium content across all major networks.

  4. Data Management Platform (DMP)
    Understanding how your future employees are interacting with your website, as well as your ad campaigns. Develop audience personas around the candidates and prospects that are engaging the most with your advertising creative and website landing pages. These personas can provide insights in to who your ideal candidates are as individuals including their lifestyle, interests, experience and needs. These provide actionable insights to influence creative strategy and paid media optimization. Additionally, the DMP allows for the ability to optimize and create look-a-like audiences for ad campaigns to help prospect NEW candidates that fit the persona and qualities of already converted recruits.

  5. Email Marketing
    Using the Orange142 database, we can target 1.6 MILLION RNs across the USA directly in their email with job opportunities. We can break out the email targeting by State or City to ensure we are only reaching the candidates that would be the most relevant for open positions. Additionally, once an email is served to these nurse candidates, retargeting strategies can be deployed to message them with video, native and other media elements. A consistent email strategy equals a great way to build your candidate pipeline for current & future opportunities.

Once COVID-19 subsides the need for nurses will be greater than ever, and these are just some of the solutions that can assist your registered nurse recruitment strategy. These strategies are great ways to stay top of mind with future employees because approximately 43% of registered nurses will change organizations within 3 years, and it’s important to target ideal candidates for current immediate openings. Nurses are crucial for our world, during and after COVID-19. Let’s make sure you are getting the best of the best!

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like a free audit of your current strategy, then don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will be more than happy to help!