5 Ways to Fully Utilize Your Paid Social Efforts

By: Rich Lozano | Categories:Industry Info

Paid social advertising has a considerable impact on a brand’s social success. With the right marketing strategies your web traffic, reach, and conversion rates are sure to increase. How you spend your budget is important. Here are 5 ways to use your paid social efforts to the fullest:

  1. Establish KPI’s
    There are various Key Performance Indicators to be considered with a social media campaign. You should understand your goal before getting started. Traffic to the website? Generating new leads? Building awareness? Think about how your business can benefit the most from social advertising and optimize towards that objective.
  2. Find your Audience
    Don’t forget to consider consumer behavior over demographics. People with interests and behavior on social media related to your business are more likely to yield better conversions than broad demographics. Regardless of gender, location, HHI, etc. The more specific you can plan your audience the better your message is being received and more likely to convert.
  3. Choose Ad Formats
    Social media platforms offer a multitude of formats for your ads. Don’t neglect carousels, vertical videos, Instant Experiences, or any other creative options that will have your messaging stand out among the rest. A uniquely creative ad experience drives the most impact and resonates with potential customers positively.
  4. Messaging and Creative
    A/B tests and creative variants can help to ensure the best version of your messaging is served. Discover the language and visuals that your audience responds to most. From here, optimize your campaign and plan ahead for the next one.
  5. Tracking Optimization
    Even with the sophisticated algorithms of social media ad platforms, an experienced human oversight is important to prevent wasted budget. It may be tempting to “set it and forget it”, but a closely monitored campaign with creative/targeting optimization will ensure ideal results for your business.

These steps are fundamental strategies but are barely the tip of the iceberg for everything that goes into a successful paid campaign. If you’re interested in running a campaign that exceeds expectations, let’s get in touch!