5 Ways to Serve Digital Advertising Without Using Audience Data

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Audience Targeting

Audience data targeting and ad serving hit the mainstream recently when it came out that Facebook data had leaked and was being potentially accessed by third parties such as Cambridge Analytica. In the aftermath of that scandal, Facebook announced that it will restrict how much data advertisers can have access to.

Facebook will soon stop allowing advertisers access to data about individuals held by companies like Experian and Acxiom. Prior to this change, Facebook allowed advertisers to target groups of people based on both datasets in addition to their own, user submitted, data sets.

With senate committee hearings and programmatic audience targeting being reported across all major news outlets, there is a growing number of questions on what data is out there and how advertising makes it to the consumer. While a hot button issue now in early 2018, it is unknown what the long-term impact will be on digital advertising. What if these data sources start to dry up? How can advertisers reach their target audiences if data becomes more restricted and requires direct opt-in by consumers?

Let’s look at ways Orange142 can serve digital advertising without the need for 3rd party data and consumer opt-in!


  1. 1st Party Data & Retargeting

As a brand, with a website and social media channels, you have built your own 1st party data. This can include data from behaviors, actions or interests demonstrated across your website(s), data you have in your CRM, subscription data; social data, or cross-platform data from mobile web or apps. This is data that you own and that only you have access to!

The way to utilize this data and serve engaging ads is through retargeting. By placing the Orange142 Smart Retargeting pixel we build a bucket of impressions to serve messaging to. Additionally, the type of message can be dynamic! Serve a banner one day, a video the next and a native placement on the 3rd day. Keep the messaging fresh and the frequency high!

No 3rd party data or personally identifiable data is utilized with this solution at all. Retargeting relies on current website traffic and email opens as a means to serve ads and encourage further consumer engagement.


  1. Custom White Lists and Content Channels

Orange142’s ad serving platform accesses 98% of the available ad inventory online. This allows us to create custom networks and site lists to serve ads only on these sites and to their web visitors. Site direct targeting can be considered “old school” by some but it ensures that only the most relevant sites are utilized. This is especially important if audience data targeting for programmatic placements ever becomes limited.

Here is a sample breakdown of a few of the sites and customized categories Orange142 has access to:

Women's LifestyleTravelMass Appeal


Orange142 creates custom site lists that are most relevant to our clients’ audience, campaign and aligns with their marketing objectives!


  1. Contextual Content Targeting

Want to serve your ads but don’t want to be limited to just a select assortment of websites? Utilize Orange142 contextual targeting! This solution allows for ads to be served only on content pages and resources that fit the narrative of the advertisement.

Advertising for a beach destination? Serve them on sites talking about the top beach getaways or best sandcastles!

Using video pre-roll for your University enrollment campaign? Serve the video messaging on school review videos, articles about the best professors, and more!


  1. Geofencing & Retrofencing

The way people behave in the real world can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. Orange142’s Retrofencing and Geofencing Solutions, enables advertisers to target based on real world behaviors to serve the right campaign, at the right time and place. This makes for highly engaging and impactful messaging.

Serve ads to conference centers, airports, hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, restaurants and nearly any location or address where your target audience will be!


  1. Connected TV

Connected TV is any type of TV screen that can stream digital video, whether through a built-in Smart TV platform, dedicated streaming device, or game console. SmartTVs, connected devices, and game consoles supported with inventory from Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, AmazonFire, and Xbox. Additionally, Android and iOS devices are supported with many network and providers utilizing their own mobile applications to stream video content.


The types of devices and content can all be specified. Want to target family programming on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, during the middle of the day, and within the Houston DMA to reach mom’s with kids? All possible with Connected TV.


What’s Next?

Audience data targeting does not seem to be going away any time soon. Advertisers still are clamoring for more ways to reach their target markets and the more granular the better. That being said, more consumers are becoming aware of how their data is being utilized and there is a fear growing on who has access to private information.

Overseas, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is calling for more regulation and oversight in to consumer data. If this is the first step towards stricter regulation in the digital advertising industry as a whole, just know that there are still ways to effectively serve ads and continue engaging target audiences online!

Contact us today and chat with our team about data targeting and the unique ways to reach your audience!