5 Ways to Use Digital Video Online

By: Daniel Rott | Categories:Industry Info

1.   Use Video to Better Reach Your Customer Base

More than half of all internet users access the web solely from a mobile device.  More and more users are looking for soundbites, not lengthy copy.  Consider embedding a video on your landing page.  A word of caution: do not set the video to play automatically.  Rather, make the content interesting and encourage visitors to watch the video.  Studies show videos can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

2.   Use Video to Show Not Tell

Video advertising is an opportunity to show the potential buyer how something works, rather than simply telling them.  Some people learn best by reading the written word.  Others, however, learn best by hearing the information.  Still, others learn best by watching a demonstration.  By combining subtitles, audio, and video, you incorporate all three learning styles, which dramatically increases your potential sales.

Showing also offers the opportunity to sell an overall experience, rather than just a product.  Imagine you are selling sunscreen.  You could write copy discussing the high SPF, the smooth consistency, the no grease formula.  Or you could produce a video, showing a family on the beach, enjoying a picnic, while a voiceover provides essential information.  In the second version, you are selling an experience, making the product less mundane and more attractive.

3.   Use Video to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Consider producing video and posting it on YouTube.  Your video should include a call to action directing the user back to your website, a white paper you have published, or a particular product.  Because of Google’s high rank for YouTube, this boosts your search engine rankings.

4.   Use Video to Maximize Advertising Dollars

The majority of ad partners agree that online video ads are as effective or more effective than television advertising.  Given the ability of Facebook and other internet giants to target users with specific content, video advertising stands a better chance to reach your customers.  Additionally, consumers expectations are changing, and businesses can capitalize on this.  Gone are the days of perfect polish.  Sure, users expect clean and professional videos, with a specific message, but they no longer expect Hollywood productions.  Take advantage of this shift, and create video content that clearly and professionally delivers relevant content.

5.   Use Video Advertising to Capture Your Customer’s Attention

Video advertising should be short and direct.  Consider 15-second ads.  If you are unsure, consider creating three ads, one 15 seconds, one 30 seconds, and one 60 seconds in length.  Whether you test market all three in a professional setting, or just take an informal survey of office mates, odds are better than even most people will favor the 15-second version – particularly if they are watching on their phone.  Your video should identify three things:

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • Why do they want it?

Digital Video is the Future

It is projected that in 2017, video will comprise 74 percent of all internet traffic.  YouTube alone has more than 4 million daily views.  More than half of these views come from mobile devices.  Similarly, Facebook boasts 500 million users watching an average of 8 billion videos each day.  The power of video is inescapable.

Orange142 utilizes video assets in a variety of ways to reach target audiences and consumers. Whether they are cord cutters, binge watchers, headline readers or YouTube addicts, Orange142 can help to strategize on the best avenues to utilize video advertising and engage with viewers.

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