Case Study: Meet Atlantic City

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Case Studies

The Challenge:

Reach planners of meetings with less than 100 attendees

Orange142 utilized it’s proprietary database of meeting planners to send an email blast and tracking open rate and click through rate. In addition, banner ads were sent to the email openers as retargeting and to planners targeted as “in-need” of meeting space.

The Win:

The DMO had a very strong campaign with an average open rate of 52.87% and a click-through rate of 19.6%. In-need targeting generated 894 clicks with a 0.71% CTR.

Bounce rate was less than 15% during the campaign with an Avg. Session Duration of 3:16!

Strategies Used:

“The planning pages were some of our top visited pages over the last month. The email blasts, coupled with our largest events happening earlier this month, put us over 100k page views over the 30 days. We typically see between 50-60k each month.”

-Director of Marketing, Atlanta Suburb DMO