Case Study: Camille Rose Naturals

By: Lindsey Wilkes | Categories:Case Studies

675% Return on Ad Spend

Camille Rose Naturals is a National Consumer Packaged Goods brand that works with Orange142 for digital advertising and demand generation. Their products include an array of self-care and beauty supplies such as hair care supplements, conditioners, oils, skincare merchandises and much more.

Camille Rose Naturals has an online ecommerce presence as well as products available nationwide in major retail stores such as Target, Walmart, CVS, Whole Foods, Sally Beauty Supply, Walgreens, Duane Reade and many more.

The Challenge

The goal for Camille Rose Naturals was to grow their online digital presence to increase online sales, decrease cost per digital acquisition, and provide a meaningful and measurable ROI.

The Solution

Orange142 has executed an array of advertising tactics for this client including Paid Social Media Advertising on Instagram and Facebook with a heavy emphasis on dynamic product retargeting, paid search advertising (PPC), desktop and mobile display advertising, and website retargeting. Throughout each campaign we have found ways to make improvements and optimizations that have led to incredible performance and significant ROI.


Paid Social alone had lead to over 2,800+ online purchases and 112,018 Add-To-Cart events that are leveraged for dynamic retargeting. The 2020 paid media investment resulted in a 675% return on ad spend.

Our team is proud of our work with Camille Rose Naturals and strategically creating custom media plans and that encourage consumers to make their way down the marketing funnel from initial awareness to consideration and ultimately to a conversions and product purchase.

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