Case Study: Colorado Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Case Studies

The Challenge:

Develop a regional advertising initiative to increase brand awareness and route development for the Colorado Springs CVB and the Colorado Springs airport.

To better brand, engage, and convert new travelers in pre-defined feeder markets and identify new audiences outside of the traditional drive market radius.

The Win:

The Colorado Springs CVB and Orange142 developed a mixed media advertising approach with city-specific tracking and targeting. Orange142 gathered and analyzed consumer data and tested messaging and creative with new prospective visitors. Findings improved real-time performance in campaign reach and response and provided ongoing market intelligence. Findings are reported to the regional airport and used in the development of new routes and marketing campaigns promoting travel into the Colorado Springs Airport.


The campaign was optimized to increase traffic to the COS airport and Frontier airlines and due to year over year increases, this is the third year of the program. In March 2017, Frontier Airlines announced 7 new Colorado Springs Airport routes in conjunction with Orange142 data reporting and The Colorado Springs CVB yearly growth performance.

Strategies Used:

“Orange142 is our most valued partner. They guide us to get the most out of our marketing budget – putting our messages in front of the right people, on the right platform at the right time. They really understand the travel and tourism industry and the role that a DMO plays in the decision funnel. We are constantly learning new things through them and that keeps us on the leading edge of digital marketing and social media. Access to campaign metrics through DOMO allows us to see results and soon as they are generated and provides a solid foundation for our bi-weekly discussions. We appreciate their expertise, their energy and their total dedication to our account.”-

Amy Long, Chief Innovation Officer of Colorado Springs CVB