Case Study: Explore Minnesota

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Case Studies

The Challenge:

Explore Minnesota Tourism allows regional partners and in-state DMOs to retarget their 1st party data and drive traffic to individual partner websites.

The Explore Minnesota Tourism website houses incredibly valuable 1st party data of consumers who are interested in the region and visiting destinations within the state. The state tourism organization was looking to share this data with state co-op partners and spur travel and visitations through collaboration.

The Win:

Orange142 utilized retargeting pixels on the Explore Minnesota main site and its regional focused web pages to build a pool for website retargeting. Minnesota DMO partners utilized this audience pool to serve ads and raise awareness of their destination to people who had already expressed interest in Minnesota tourism.

Through website retargeting alone, DMO partners saw great engagement including 0.10%+ click through rates and over 1.2 million impressions served per partner! No other data was utilized other than the Explore Minnesota website 1st party data to maximize relevancy and engagement.

Strategies Used: