Case Study: Reaching Sports Planners During a Pandemic

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Case Studies

Hershey Harrisburg Sports & Events Authority

The Ask

Due to the drastic impact that Covid-19 has caused across the sports and events industry, the Hershey Harrisburg Sports & Events Authority tasked the  Orange142 team to create a multi-faceted digital media approach a message of safety to Sports & Events planners. This digital campaign was hyper-focused on what the Hershey & Harrisburg area offers to planners and attendees while safely and responsibly attending future sports gatherings and events.

The Solution

Utilizing Orange142’s 1st and 3rd party databases to reach regional Sports & Events Planners and Influencers, our team deployed various tactics and developed a new creative strategy that spoke directly to those audiences. The tactics used included Native advertising, Paid/Programmatic Email, Website Retargeting, Video Instream, and traditional Display.

The Results

  • During the campaign time frame, the Orange142 media efforts made up 80%+ of all website traffic for the Hershey Harrisburg Sports & Events website.
  • 450+ hours of video consumed directly by sports planners, events planners & influencers during the campaign.
  • Impressions Served: 5.6 million impressions
  • Clicks Generated: 17,700
  • Average Campaign CTR: 0.31% (Industry Standard is 0.08% CTR)
  • Completed Views Generated: 55,671

Orange142 has vast experience conceptualizing and implementing digital media campaigns to target Meetings, Group, Events, and Sports planners. We have a full proprietary database to target these decision-makers based on job titles.  We understand the importance of strategic messaging needs in the wake of the Coronavirus. Below is a sample audience reach in the meetings & events industry to showcase how we can segment your messaging to niche audiences:

U.S. StateSegmentReach

Orange142 is a travel & tourism marketing team and would love to help with your recovery approach with leisure or meeting programs.  Let us help tell your destination’s story, contact us today.