Case Study: Social Media Activation and Growth

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Case Studies
Visit Rutherford Giveaway

Visit Rutherford’s Instagram account gained 500 new followers in 5-days!

Bonnaroo is one of the largest, most well-known music & arts festivals in the country – if not the world – and calls Manchester, Tennessee home. This behemoth festival brings hundreds of thousands of music & arts lovers from all over the country. So naturally, this impacts tourism in a big way for the State of Tennessee, and tourism boards all around are constantly trying to figure out how to best engage with the opportunity that Bonnaroo brings to Tennessee. The Visit Rutherford County team had a plan.

In early 2019 the Visit Rutherford team purchased wristbands for the “Road to Bonnaroo” giveaway for the 2020 festival. The wristbands were to be used to help grow a social following and drive traffic to their website.

Enter the pandemic.

Like many things, due to the onset of the pandemic, the Bonnaroo activation got put on the back burner of priorities.

Fast forward to late Summer 2021; the Visit Rutherford team got some unexpected “happy mail” with two wristbands for the 2021 Bonnaroo event. With the festival a mere 4-weeks away, they had to think fast. Orange142 and Visit Rutherford have had an established partnership in the social space for some time now. So, when the Visit Rutherford County team had an initiative and needed to launch a Social Media activation giveaway in less than a week – they knew exactly who to call.

We collaborated and created the best game plan possible to leverage these coveted wristbands and engage a new audience. We decided to focus our efforts on the social media space and, more specifically, on Instagram, where our younger, festival-going, music-loving audience spends a lot of their time.

Instagram on phone

Orange142’s social media management crafted the language, provided some suggested rules, and launched the campaign. With the quick turnaround, the campaign entry ran five days and started with a giveaway teaser in the stories.  The results were HUGE!

Giveaway Paid & Organic Results:

79,755 Impressions
688 Total Comments
500 New Followers

Visit Rutherford’s Instagram account gained 500 new followers in 5-days!

Orange142 has an expert staff of media and marketing professionals that can help you reach your digital and social goals like Visit Rutherford. From content development, creative executions, media management to SEO – we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today to find out how!