Case Study: Texas State Capitol Gift Shops

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Case Studies

The Challenge:

The state-run e-commerce store was looking for a paid advertising partner to assist with the launch of the Holiday product promotions

Texas State Capitol Gift Shops and the State Preservation Board had launched a new website in 2017 and wanted to make a measurable impact on e-commerce sales during their busiest time of year and boost sales on their most popular products.

The Win:

Orange142 utilized media tactics that would have the greatest impact on conversions and built out a digital advertising strategy that included multiple channels. The campaign was continually optimized to enhance performance by device, ad creative and overall engagement.

All tactics performed with a positive return on ad spend (ROAS). Google and Bing Paid search had a 1,192% and 2,428% ROAS respectively.

Ecommerce conversions were immediate and steadily rose through the life of the campaign as improvements and optimizations were made.

Additionally, Orange142 worked with Google to remedy issues with how products were appearing in Organic search results and in Google Shopping searches.

Campaign Results
Channel | ROAS
Google Paid Search | 1192%
Bing Paid Search | 2438%
Google – Shopping | 815%
Website Remarketing | 585%
Facebook Advertising | 180%
Campaign Total | 541.29%

Strategies Used: