DMO Approach to Going Back to Market

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Covid-19

Orange142 is working with numerous destination marketing organizations that are looking at recovery and back to market strategies.

Destinations Marketers are looking at a four pronged approach to post Covid-19 recovery.

  1. Inform & Educate
  2. Community Engagement & Participation
  3. Combat Misinformation
  4. Prevent Negative Impact for Travel

As States have begun to ease guidelines allowing some local businesses to reopen at a reduced capacity, destinations are beginning to shift towards a travel planning message.

Research on COVID-19’s impact on travel suggests while many have canceled upcoming travel plans, there is a pent up demand and people will be eager to travel again when the time is right. A typical trip planning cycle is generally close to 30 – 60 days. While it’s unknown how COVID-19 will impact this cycle, there will be a planning phase.

Download our full case study below to see how two of our tourism partners are looking at a return to proactive marketing. A popular beach vacation destination and a mountain getaway share their experience and process.