Facebook Poll Ads – True Customer Engagement

By: Rich Lozano | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

Facebook and Instagram have unveiled a new ad format to drive engagement and web traffic for your brand. “Poll Ads” are a new way to understand your audience’s sentiments and encourage engagement with your business. Think of a question, two potential answers, place them on one of your video ads, and your audience will be engaging in no time.

First, make sure you have a video to run. For now, the platform only supports Poll Ads with videos. Next, you’ll need to be optimizing towards one of the following business objectives: Reach, Brand Awareness Objective, Traffic, or App Installs.

Now you’re ready to launch. Want to know which of your products attracts the most attention? Would you like to see which of your assets is most favored by college students in your region? Maybe you just want your audience to vote for their favorite attraction in your city. Consider your business goals and what insight you can gain from this tactic.

To be even more effective with Poll Ads, consider adding a landing page to either of your survey answers. Your audience may be willing to learn more about the product of their choice – adding a landing page will bring your users one step closer to a conversion. Maybe they’re not ready to purchase yet? Use your Facebook Pixel to retarget users who clicked on specific survey answers or add them to a retargeting bucket for a later campaign.

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