How Orange142 Harnessed TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to Target RV Families

By: Whitney Fenzel | Categories:General

Pigeon Forge is a nature lover’s haven. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, the town is home to a variety of attractions including spectacular views, family-friendly attractions and museums, down-home cooking and more. As a result, RV traffic is a mainstay of the local tourism industry. In fact, over 15% of the lodging in Pigeon Forge is campgrounds.

Identifying new audiences for a traditional pastime 

In hopes of driving more visitors to this beautiful town, Orange142 targeted a growing population: RV families. In recent years, the demographic for RV travelers has expanded to include a younger generation. Often influenced by social media, many young families have opted for a more nomadic lifestyle—spending extended vacations enjoying landscapes like Pigeon Forge with the convenience of homeschooling kids on the road.

In partnership with Pigeon Forge’s local business community, Orange142 created a detailed itinerary for seven RV families with major followings on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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Driving results through influencer-generated content 

The goal of the campaign was to shed light on extended family stays in Pigeon Forge and draw in the nation’s growing number of RV families. Throughout the campaign, the carefully curated influencer families posted content about Pigeon Forge including insights into homeschooling, food, area adventures, relaxation, and special moments with family and friends. 

Selected on the basis of their high follower and engagement counts, the influencers creatively shared tips, suggested activities, and highlighted the best parts of Pigeon Forge through video media. They posted long- and short-form videos on YouTube; reels, stories, and posts on Instagram; and videos on TikTok. 

Across 228 pieces of campaign content, the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism saw more than 30.5 million impressions; 28 million video views; 2.44 million likes, comments, and shares; and a 68% increase in Instagram followers.

“The media value and engagement was substantial,” says Sue Carr, Marketing Manager at the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism. “We have no doubt we will see an increase in RV visits as a result of this campaign. And Orange142 has provided trusted analytics to validate influencer impact for our business partners, allowing us buy-in for future influencer programs.”


Pigeon Forge anticipates an influx of nomadic families. Currently, campgrounds account for over 7% of all visitors. Now, with Orange142’s help, those numbers are poised to grow. After all, millions have now seen what this peaceful Appalachian city can offer, and America’s RV families are ready to hit the road again. 

Their destination? Pigeon Forge, of course.