Attribute Real-World Visits to Travelers Who Saw Your Ads with Orange142

By: Austin Martin | Categories:General

For travel and tourism marketing, the ultimate metric is consumer visits. Impressions, clicks and engagement are all excellent indicators of consumer interest. However, destinations want to know that their advertisements are physically influencing travelers to come there. With Orange142’s new Foot Traffic Attribution program, we can now validate real-world visits from travelers who saw your ads. In addition, we can provide demographic insights on which groups of people are most likely to convert and then use that information to optimize your ad spend even further. 

What is Orange142 Foot Traffic Attribution and How Does it Work?

The primary goal of our Foot Traffic Attribution is to evaluate how many people that were served impressions via Orange142 advertising ultimately visited a market (or location). When our team serves ads, we collect device and location-based information on impressions served, via cookies, and pass that data to our attribution platform for further analysis.

Once enough time has lapsed for visitors to convert (at least 30 – 60 days), our attribution platform will begin matching impressions served with devices that have entered the targeted zones. In other words, our software will identify users who saw our ads and then physically visited your destination. Some examples of advertising tactics that can be tracked in our Foot Traffic Attribution program are display, native, retargeting, instream video and mobile audio.

Announcing our Top Tier Data Partnership with Foursquare

When it came time to choose an independent location-based data platform to combine with our advertising data, Foursquare was the obvious choice. With a history as a location-based social media platform and a strong pivot into location-based data services, their qualifications include:

  • Being the first-ever Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited service provider for location data. This certification evaluates the ability to accurately capture a “visit” at a tier above what is commonly accepted in the industry.

  • Access to proprietary multi-sensor and stop detection technology to identify how people move and more accurately define a visit. Other location-based data service providers simply use latitude and longitude tracking. 

  • The only location data platform to use anonymous first-party data to operate seamlessly in today’s privacy-focused data landscape.

Pairing Foursquare’s top-tier location data with our advertising impression insights allows us to provide some of the most accurate Foot Traffic Attribution available. We’re excited to be able to offer our clients this service to show targetable insights and visitation trends. 

What Data is Available on Converted Visitors?

On top of the validation that Orange142’s advertising is bringing travelers directly to your destination, our software also offers invaluable data on your converted visitors and can answer the following questions:

  • How many people visited the destination after seeing an Orange142 ad?
  • On average, how long after being served an ad did people visit the destination?
  • How much does it cost me in advertising spend to drive a visitor to our destination?
  • On average, how likely are demographic factors like gender, age, household income, and marital status to influence visitation compared to the general population?
  • On average, how likely are location-based factors, like state of residence, to influence visitation compared to the general population?

How is this Foot Traffic Attribution Data Actionable?

Our Foot Traffic Attribution data builds a profile of your most and least-likely consumers. Once we know who is most likely to convert and visit your location, we can use that information to optimize your advertising program via custom segmentation. Rather than allocating budget towards a market that isn’t likely to visit, we can specifically target travelers with demographic similarities to your attributed visitors. We call these targeting segments “look-a-likes” because they share similar profiles to your highest value customers. We can also use “conquesting” segmentation to target any of your competitor locations with a similar customer base. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Foot Traffic Attribution, contact Orange142 today! We’re experts in helping destinations like you grow through customized advertising programs. We Expect to Win, and so should you.