Orange142 Agency Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

Orange142 partners with Ad Agencies across the United States to help make digital media simple and efficient. We see the agencies we partner with as our client and we craft digital media campaigns that achieve results and perform beyond all expectation. There are many questions agencies typically ask before partnering with Orange142, we put together a list of the most frequently asked questions in an effort to showcase our experience, knowledge and willingness to collaborate!

  1. What media tactics do you offer?
    1. We offer over 15 solutions including programmatic display, content activation, native, video, internet radio, connected tv, email and more.
  2. Do you have monthly, quarterly, or IO minimum spends?
    1. We have what we call “effective minimums” where essentially, we will work with you to craft a media plan that will be the best use of the budget without jeopardizing effectiveness. Media rates are dependent on specific solutions, audience targeting, and time of year. Orange142 does extend an “agency discount” to accommodate cumulative spend across multiple client campaigns.
  3. What size agencies do you work with?
    1. We work with agencies of all sizes from small boutique shops to some of the largest agency firms in the country.
  4. What industry verticals does your firm work with?
    1. Orange142 has experience in a wide variety of industry verticals including Tourism, eCommerce, Finance, Higher Education, CPG, Automotive and more. We are experts in digital media and can utilize our tool set to reach a variety of clients goals, audience reach and maximize return on ad spend (RoAS).
  5. Do you white label your services?
    1. Yes, Orange142 can fully white label our services and solutions and be the people “behind the curtain”. Our team is happy to white label our reporting to remove our logos and branding so that your firm can integrate with our systems easily. Additionally, UTM codes can be customized and white labeled for tracking.
  6. What are your data sources?
    1. We have 35+ data partners including BlueKai, Experian, Neustar and more. Additionally, we have developed our own database of consumers and B2B contacts that we can segment down to specific target audiences.
  7. Do you utilize any in-house DMP?
    1. Yes, Orange142 has in in-house DMP and trained staff to support the platform and client integrations.
  8. Do you have a reporting dashboard?
    1. We offer a real-time reporting dashboard with all of our campaigns.
  9. Can you white list certain websites or site categories?
    1. Yes, custom white lists of sites are available and can be customized by the client. We have custom site lists pre-made to include news and info sites, travel sites, food focused sites, family & parenting, sports and more. These sites can be fully customized to include most any publisher or domain that has its inventory available on the programmatic exchanges.
  10. What are your targeting methodologies (contextual, audience, keyword, retargeting, etc.)?
    1. All of the above. We will work with you to customize a targeting, campaign setup strategy, and approach to the targeted audience to deliver a campaign that will be effective and drive maximum ROI.
  11. Do you have a core strength or key product you recommend using?
    1. We never push one solution over another. We work to put together a mix of solutions that are going to hit the goals of the client and fulfill KPIs most effectively. Our team can be very flexible during a media campaign as we aren’t afraid to make re-allocation recommendations when a certain tactic is not performing as expected. If there are tactics that aren’t getting the results we need, let’s shift the strategy towards the solutions that are performing best.
  12. What is proprietary or unique about your product versus similar products in the market?
    1. Our database of consumers and B2B audiences is our biggest differentiator in addition to the vast capabilities and flexibility of our ad serving platform. This data feeds in to our ad serving platform and allows us to utilize responsive audience data modeling to deliver a variety of ad campaigns and sequencing to the segments desired.
  13. What is your pricing structure? Is it by performance, by impression, CPM, CPA, CPC?
    1. We offer net media rates and these will be different depending on the tactic. Banners are CPM or CPC, Video is CPM or CPCV, Content Activation is CPC, etc. Paid search and other solutions may have a management fee with a media budget pass through to accommodate the dynamic nature of such platforms.
  14. Can you provide platform access for reporting so that we can pull it when we need it?
    1. Yes, we offer a full real-time reporting dashboard with results by tactic and performance down to the creative level as well.
  15. Can you accommodate 3rd party ad server?
    1. Yes, our ad platform is compatible with most third party ad serving platforms including Double Click, Sizmek and more. Third party ad tags can be utilized for creative hosting and tracking. When a third party ad server is utilized, additional hosting fees may apply.
  16. Do you offer a self-serve platform for ad serving?
    1. Orange142 provides full turn-key managed media campaigns only. Media execution is our specialty and our team understands the optimization process to ensure our clients’ campaigns are running efficiently, effectively and providing the best return on ad spend!