Orange142 Healthcare and Medical Data and Targeting

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Audience Targeting

Photo by Martin Brosy on Unsplash

Orange142 has built an advertising suite of solutions coupled with over 40 premium data partners and our own proprietary database of consumers. This allows for comprehensive media campaigns that are served to the absolute correct audience and optimized towards awareness, engagement, and ultimately positive return on ad spend!

Orange142 Consumer Based Medical Audiences

101,589,654 Family and Personal Healthcare Decision Makers
15 Million+ Uninsured Adult Consumers

Orange142 B2B Medical Audiences

895,899 Corporate (B2B) Healthcare Decision Makers
153,943 Director Level Staff Decision Makers

Orange142 Educational and Career Healthcare Audiences

20,901 Attending Medical School
2,394,854 Interested in Nursing Career
3,986,637 Interested in Medical Technician Career

Orange142 has deep dived in to our available audience segmentation and media campaigns delivered over the past 5 years to develop information on our audience reach for medical and healthcare digital ad serving.

Digital advertising can be served out to very focused audiences based around their online activity and research. One of the more common audience segments in the healthcare field is Over the Counter Medicine Users. Below is a chart showcasing some of the types of medications frequently researched by the Orange142 consumer audience segments. Each drug type and user can be targeted in digital media campaigns.

Consumer sentiment on personal health is often changing and evolving (especially around the Holidays and New Year). Utilizing our 1st party database and 30+ 3rd party data partners media campaigns can be targeted based on Consumer Health Attitude. This is especially helpful for clients looking to serve messaging to fitness minded consumers or those looking to become more active!

Advertisers looking for more of a B2B type audience or to reach doctors specifically can utilize Orange142’s data resources to serve ads to physicians based on the specialty. Below is a sample pull of active physicians (as of November 2018) that can be served digital advertising.

Physician Specialty Quantity
Family Physician 113,514
Internal Medicine Physician 115,557
Pediatrician 5,122
Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) 41,656
Surgeon 71,427
Psychiatrist 38,205
Cardiologist 22,211
Dermatologist 12,051
Endocrinologist 7,495
Gastroenterologist 14,747
Infectious Disease Physician 9,136
Nephrologist 10,798
Ophthalmologist 18,817
Otolaryngologist (ENT) 9,526
Pulmonologist 5,265
Neurologist 13,717
Physician Executive 3,264
Radiologist 27,719
Anesthesiologist 41,762
Oncologist 15,410
TOTAL 597,399

When advertisers are looking to reach decision makers and C-Level executives from hospitals and medical institutions, Orange142 can provide very targeted audience segmentation. Reach true decision makers with a variety of digital media creative and drive engagement with a traditionally difficult to reach audience! Below is a breakout by state of C-Level Executives from healthcare organizations. Each of these can be reached and marketed to!

State B2B Healthcare & Medical C-Level Executives
Alabama 8,964
Alaska 1,402
Arizona 9,258
Arkansas 7,438
California 87,247
Colorado 19,702
Connecticut 12,086
Delaware 2,359
District of Columbia 2,012
Florida 60,714
Georgia 21,909
Hawaii 2,698
Idaho 4,338
Illinois 43,470
Indiana 21,275
Iowa 9,830
Kansas 9,297
Kentucky 17,294
Louisiana 11,790
Maine 4,441
Maryland 21,915
Massachusetts 24,265
Michigan 22,165
Minnesota 18,718
Mississippi 11,948
Missouri 14,695
Montana 2,299
Nebraska 3,682
Nevada 4,151
New Hampshire 3,240
New Jersey 31,674
New Mexico 5,825
New York 59,327
North Carolina 24,447
North Dakota 1,917
Ohio 36,356
Oklahoma 9,873
Oregon 7,859
Pennsylvania 61,923
Rhode Island 3,395
South Carolina 11,637
South Dakota 3,383
Tennessee 16,776
Texas 56,756
Utah 10,898
Vermont 6,383
Virginia 18,192
Washington 21,486
West Virginia 4,773
Wisconsin 16,909
Wyoming 1,508
Total 895,899


These audience tools can be layered on top of most of our digital solutions including cross device display, pre-roll video, native advertising, content activation, email, social and more!

Contact Orange142 today for a detailed overview of our reach in to your specific audience and ways we can serve the right ads to the right people at the right time!