Orange142 Travel & Leisure Audience Targeting

By: Doug Mankiewicz | Categories:Audience Targeting

Orange142 has built an advertising suite of solutions coupled with over 40 premium data partners and our own proprietary database of consumers and travelers. This allows for comprehensive media campaigns that are served to the absolute correct audience and optimized towards awareness, engagement and ultimately booked room nights!



Orange142 Leisure Audience

190,299,385Total Leisure Travel Reach
30 MillionAvg. Monthly Unique Impressions Served
145 MillionAvg. Monthly Pageviews Recorded
232,736Avg. Monthly Campaign Clicks
145 MillionUnique Mobile Devices Reachable
1,783,253Avg. Monthly Video Views Served


When it comes to defining a travel audience, age and household income are the top two most frequently requested demographics. Orange142 has deep dived in to our available audience segmentation and media campaigns delivered over the past 5 years to develop information on our audience reach for travel and leisure digital ad serving.


The majority of the Orange142 travel and leisure audiences fall in between upper-middle to higher income households aged 25-54. These segments are typically the most likely to plan a vacation or getaway.


Audience targeting can be segmented out by drive market or frequent fliers. Promote your destination to the consumers that are most likely to make the trip whether by road or by air! Orange142 has reach in to vacationers that are most likely to drive to get away as well as those who frequently fly for leisure trips.

Promote direct flights, airline deals, airport convenience and more to the travelers who are ready to book a flight in the next 60-120 days!

Does your destination offer things to do for outdoor adventurers? Couples? Foodies? Don’t just rely on general audience data, take your digital advertising efforts to the next level by leveraging Orange142 audience segmentation to reach the travelers that are most interested in what your destination has to offer.

Orange142 finds that when ad creative is tied to focused audience targeting (i.e. ads with food and restaurants promoted to foodies) it makes for the most relevant and engaging campaigns. This type of focused approach leads to higher click through rates, lower bounce rates and higher time on site.

These audience tools can be layered on top of most of our digital solutions including cross device display, pre-roll video, native advertising, content activation, email, social and more!

Contact Orange142 today for a detailed overview of our reach in to your specific audience and ways we can serve the right ads to the right people at the right time!