5 Ways to Assist with Nurse Recruitment During & After COVID-19

With being one of the most vital professions in the world, a registered nurse is one of the top 3 hardest jobs to fill in America. It is extremely important to be efficient and strategic in your recruitment strategy. With the influx of the COVID-19 virus, the demand for nurses is larger than anything we have seen during our lifetime.

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CCPA Readiness and Compliance

With the enactment of California’s CCPA law as of January 1st, 2020, many companies have been left scrambling to comply, asking the question “How do we prepare ourselves?” With laws such as GDPR enacted in Europe during 2018 and similar developments in California,  understanding these complex privacy requirements is becoming more and more crucial to adapting and evolving in the online landscape.

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Facebook Poll Ads – True Customer Engagement

Facebook and Instagram have unveiled a new ad format to drive engagement and web traffic for your brand. “Poll Ads” are a new way to understand your audience’s sentiments and encourage engagement with your business. Think of a question, two potential answers, place them on one of your video ads, and your audience will be engaging in no time.

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Reaching and Targeting the Correct Renters in a Saturated Rental Market

With so many housing options now available, obtaining and holding the attention of prospective renters is becoming an increasingly daunting and challenging task. Staying top-of-mind with multiple touch points during the renter’s journey to find housing is essential, and a strong digital advertising strategy is the fastest and easiest way to achieve that.

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How Successful Meeting Planners Research a Destination

Meeting planners often have a difficult decision to make when choosing a location and destination for their meetings. Some of the key considerations taken into account while planning are convenience, amenities, and audience satisfaction. Through our industry experience and client success, below are some of the key focuses we’ve learned planners lean on while researching the perfect destination for a meeting:

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5 Ways to Fully Utilize Your Paid Social Efforts

Paid social advertising has a considerable impact on a brand’s social success. With the right marketing strategies your web traffic, reach, and conversion rates are sure to increase. How you spend your budget is important. Here are 5 ways to use your paid social efforts to the fullest:

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Case Study: Visit Tucson

Visit Tucson and Orange142 formed a partnership to reach leisure travelers in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, and additionally created a national ad campaign targeting the frequent travel audience.

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