Stats at a Glance – Connected TV

By: Cliff Ward | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

Here at Orange142 we get a lot of questions about Connected TV as an advertising tactic. How many people use Connected TV? Who uses Connected TV? How has it grown? How long are people watching contented on a Connected TV device? So to help answer these questions we’ve put together “Stats at a Glace” to […]

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5 Ways Working with a Reliable Media Partner Can Help Your Ad Agency Stay Organized and Efficient.

By: Kevin Eickhoff | Categories:Covid-19

To work in advertising and marketing, it’s no surprise that every day can be its own monster and you can end the day either feeling completely accomplished or completely swamped. This changes daily, so whether it’s increasing or changing client expectations, turbulent times within specific industries or the regular day-to-day, having a reliable media company […]

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Ad Creative Messaging Post Covid-19

By: Cliff Ward | Categories:Covid-19

Your organization may be having an internal meeting about how and when to go back into market with advertising post Covid-19. If you are in the planning stages of “how” to message to consumers when the time comes here are several steps, you can take to simplify what may seem like an overwhelming task.

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Hypertargeting and How to Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

By: Brenton Maddox | Categories:Covid-19

Coronavirus is quickly changing the economic and consumer landscape across the globe. If/when budgets start to get tighter, marketers will need to reevaluate how best to utilize their marketing dollars. The effective use of a marketing budget is key to any successful organization across all facets of the advertising process however, arguably, the largest opportunity […]

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Navigating the COVID-19 Outbreak as a Vacation Rental Company

By: David Albright | Categories:Covid-19

It’s no secret that the travel industry is being hit hard with the recent COVID-19 outbreak. As most companies are trying to figure what their next move is, independent vacation rental companies will benefit from having a plan of action to guide them.

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Shifting Marketing Strategies After COVID-19

By: Ben Hale | Categories:Covid-19

We’re in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing people to dramatically shift daily routines, and no one is sure for how long.  As a result, marketers across every industry are having to rethink well thought-out annual strategies on the fly, starting from scratch.

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Social Media Messaging During Coronavirus Crisis

By: Lindsey Wilkes | Categories:Covid-19

DMO leaders are rising to the challenge of how to speak to an audience using clear and concise messaging during unbeknown crisis of this nature. Social Media is unsurprisingly, one of the primary tools that leaders are utilizing to stay in touch with the community at this time. There is a delicate line to walk, […]

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How University Enrollment Can Get Back to Speed After Coronavirus

By: Wesley Rupar | Categories:Covid-19

Universities and Colleges are currently experiencing unprecedented times amid a public health crisis surrounding Covid-19. As we battle an economic downturn and public health crisis, digital marketing and advertising within the higher education industry has nearly come to a halt. As any good marketer will advise, no organization should go completely dark when the road […]

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5 Ways to Assist with Nurse Recruitment During & After COVID-19

By: Brett Bradley | Categories:Covid-19

With being one of the most vital professions in the world, a registered nurse is one of the top 3 hardest jobs to fill in America. It is extremely important to be efficient and strategic in your recruitment strategy. With the influx of the COVID-19 virus, the demand for nurses is larger than anything we […]

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Facebook Poll Ads – True Customer Engagement

By: Rich Lozano | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

Facebook and Instagram have unveiled a new ad format to drive engagement and web traffic for your brand. “Poll Ads” are a new way to understand your audience’s sentiments and encourage engagement with your business. Think of a question, two potential answers, place them on one of your video ads, and your audience will be […]

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