Top 5 Facts about Display Advertising

By: Daniel Rott | Categories:Industry Info

Banner ads are alive, well, and effective. Many marketers rank display ads as one of the most effective online tools for branding, awareness, consideration and purchase. While banner ads have been around for a while they still are incredibly effective and a pivotal part of any comprehensive online marketing strategy.

  1. Banner Ads Lead to Sales
    “On average, recent CPG ad campaigns experienced a return of almost three dollars for every dollar spent in display advertising.” You get your bang for your buck. More people are turning away from watching tv and reading print at an accelerated pace. They are surfing the web where your banner ads are being served and people want what you’re selling.
    Combine this with dynamic and/or sequential retargeting and conversion rates will measure an immediate boost!
  2. Banners Have Boundless Room for Creativity
    The creativity is limitless for Display Ads. Your brand is consistent and attracts people’s attention. Make a visual impact that leaves your audience saying, “I need that”. Rich media, HTML5, responsive ad units and more offer brands and advertisers many unique ways to get their messaging across to consumers.
  3. Exposure is Guaranteed
    I’m sure we all have heard of a thing called banner blindness. It’s grossly overstated. If your display creative matches your audience properly, it’s of value. It’s all about your approach. Viewability measurements, click through rate, and frequency reporting allows advertisers to have a better understanding of the impact and engagement of their banner ads.
  4. Personalization
    Seven out of ten consumers say they prefer content and ads that are tailored to their personal interests and shopping habits. People only want to see content and ads relevant to them. In today’s marketing, people expect personalization from advertisers.
  5. Effective Marketing Tactics
    Digital media spending is set to match and surpass traditional television spend in 2019. Display ads are still the most popular form of digital advertising even beating out social media, paid search, email marketing and video. Display ads are affordable, hyper targeted and allow advertisers to reach their consumers at the right time, right place and when their customers need them the most.

So many media vendors, who do I work with?
Orange142 offers numerous ways for advertisers to reach their desired audience with banner advertising. Utilizing our proprietary data network we are able to hyper target ads based on job title, interests, buying habits, house hold income, online research patterns and more. Once we pinpoint the correct audience, Orange142 can deploy a variety of display creative including in-banner video, mobile audio ads, responsive ad units, native/display hybrids and more, all designed to cut through the online clutter and better engage your desired customers.

Contact Orange142 today for more information on how we can better strategize your display advertising approach!