Understanding The Power Of Audio – What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

By: Emily Parli | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

Have you ever considered the sound of your brand?

Now it’s more important than ever to decide what your brand sounds like. The audio space is doing nothing but growing and as a marketer it is imperative to start developing what that brand should sound like. A brands voice is becoming as important as any other of your brands standards.

In an era where audio has entered the advertising space, it’s more important than ever to decide “What does my brand sound like?”. Audio advertising is growing rapidly and as a marketer it is imperative to develop your brands sonic identity.

Connected Devices and Streaming Audio are growing at warp speed in large due to the increased popularity in devices such as Connected Home and Connected Cars. Hand in hand with voice specific devices increased usage, brand sound/sonic identity need to be strategically considered. Audio is one of the most powerful places to connect with an audience. According to Nielsen, 79% of audio is consumed while listeners are engaging with other activities. This allows a marketer to capture a listener at all moments of the day – waking up, workout routine, cooking dinner, driving in a car…even brushing their teeth!

The power of audio is infinite. But, how do you capture this audience?

The new age of the audio world comes from Streaming Radio. Unlike terrestrial radio, streaming sources allow you to target consumers more strategically, have measurable KPIs including impressions, completed listens/views, audience reach and allows advertisers to partner with more modern brands like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and even local radio stations.

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