Orange142 Healthcare and Medical Data and Targeting

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Orange142 has built an advertising suite of solutions coupled with over 40 premium data partners and our own proprietary database of consumers and travelers. This allows for comprehensive media campaigns that are served to the absolute correct audience and optimized towards awareness, engagement, and ultimately positive return on ad spend!

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Top 9 Must Check Setups for Google Paid Search

If you look up or “Google” how to setup a paid search account, many articles point towards essentially spending more money to help your keywords place higher. That is just one part of the optimization processes but quite honestly, the least effective and most expensive. We are often asked by prospective clients “what would you do to optimize our paid search account?” We figured we’d put together a list of the first items our team checks on when setting up, managing and optimizing a paid search account.

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In-Need Targeting – Reaching Audiences When They Need You Most

Orange142 has a unique strategy to reach consumers and web users with advertising based on their search history, websites visited and online research. Using “In-Need Targeting” Orange142 can reach these consumers when they are actively “In-Need” of the products or services an advertiser is promoting. This hyper targeting allows for demand generation and mid-funnel audience engagement that drives awareness, conversions and consideration.

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6 Questions to Ask A Digital Media Vendor Before Signing Contracts

There are a growing number of companies that are sprouting up claiming to have the latest and greatest technology and data for digital advertising. As a marketer it may be difficult to determine who has the best site access, audience data and ad units. In reality there isn’t too much of a difference on the technology side of digital advertising, what separates most media companies comes down to just a few things like how campaigns are set up, team experience and optimization strategies. Here are a few questions to ask a media vendor before you partner with them!

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ECHO142 – Content Development and Activation

Content marketing is different than traditional product marketing efforts like sales collateral, directory listings, hotel promotional pages and other product-specific info. Content marketing includes things like educational articles, videos, blog posts and social posts that answer specific questions people have and provide them with something they can’t get somewhere else. It’s the best way to turn your product, destination, or service, no matter how common, into something that is not like everyone else’s.

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Orange142’s Data Platform

Orange142 has developed an extensive database of consumers, travelers, shoppers, foodies, B2B customers and niche audiences that can be highly segmented and targeted for digital advertising campaigns. This unique database is utilized in a variety of ways to serve messaging online to specific target audiences and segments. Layering our data across e-mail, video, display and social media advertising differentiates Orange142 from the multitude of digital media companies.

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Reaching Meeting Planners Digitally in 2017

A Year in Review
A meeting planner is a person who brings together every detail involved in producing a meeting, convention or special event. These events contribute vast numbers of hotel stays to a destination and are the reason many DMOs build out a sales team, to convince different segments of planners to have their meeting in their city or region. Marketing to this niche audience is sometimes a challenge, but with the correct digital media technology and a dependable media partner, it can make for some engaging and successful campaigns!

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5 Ways to Use Digital Video Online

1.   Use Video to Better Reach Your Customer Base

More than half of all internet users access the web solely from a mobile device.  More and more users are looking for soundbites, not lengthy copy.  Consider embedding a video on your landing page.  A word of caution: do not set the video to play automatically.  Rather,

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Orange142 continues to stay ahead of ad fraud and bot traffic

Orange142 is aware of the recent news reports concerning Methbot, a potential Russian botnet that hosts content farms and generates nonhuman traffic to siphon off money from digital advertisers (you can read more about the story here).

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