How Successful Meeting Planners Research a Destination

Meeting planners often have a difficult decision to make when choosing a location and destination for their meetings. Some of the key considerations taken into account while planning are convenience, amenities, and audience satisfaction. Through our industry experience and client success, below are some of the key focuses we’ve learned planners lean on while researching the perfect destination for a meeting:

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Top 5 Facts about Display Advertising

Banner ads are alive, well, and effective. Many marketers rank display ads as one of the most effective online tools for branding, awareness, consideration and purchase. While banner ads have been around for a while they still are incredibly effective and a pivotal part of any comprehensive online marketing strategy.

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Understanding the Difference between 1st Party Vendors and 3rd Party Vendors

I had an interesting conversation  with a client a few weeks ago about dealing with,“middle-man” style vendors and the disadvantages of such an arrangement that got me thinking…  “I wonder how many advertisers are purchasing media from this style of vendor without even realizing it?”  Throughout my years of experience in digital advertising, I’ve learned there are many advantages to working directly with 1st party vendors. Within this blog I’ll discuss several of the benefits and share meaningful questions to ask potential 3rd party vendors, even the ones that may not want you to know their arrangement. I hope this information can help equip you with new knowledge of how your strategic partners are placing your paid digital advertisements!

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Top 9 Must Check Setups for Google Paid Search

If you look up or “Google” how to setup a paid search account, many articles point towards essentially spending more money to help your keywords place higher. That is just one part of the optimization processes but quite honestly, the least effective and most expensive. We are often asked by prospective clients “what would you do to optimize our paid search account?” We figured we’d put together a list of the first items our team checks on when setting up, managing and optimizing a paid search account.

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6 Questions to Ask A Digital Media Vendor Before Signing Contracts

There are a growing number of companies that are sprouting up claiming to have the latest and greatest technology and data for digital advertising. As a marketer it may be difficult to determine who has the best site access, audience data and ad units. In reality there isn’t too much of a difference on the technology side of digital advertising, what separates most media companies comes down to just a few things like how campaigns are set up, team experience and optimization strategies. Here are a few questions to ask a media vendor before you partner with them!

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