6 Questions to Ask A Digital Media Vendor Before Signing Contracts

There are a growing number of companies that are sprouting up claiming to have the latest and greatest technology and data for digital advertising. As a marketer it may be difficult to determine who has the best site access, audience data and ad units. In reality there isn’t too much of a difference on the technology side of digital advertising, what separates most media companies comes down to just a few things like how campaigns are set up, team experience and optimization strategies. Here are a few questions to ask a media vendor before you partner with them!

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5 Ways to Use Digital Video Online

1.   Use Video to Better Reach Your Customer Base

More than half of all internet users access the web solely from a mobile device.  More and more users are looking for soundbites, not lengthy copy.  Consider embedding a video on your landing page.  A word of caution: do not set the video to play automatically.  Rather,

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Native Advertising Quick Overview

Native Advertising is strategically targeted advertising that takes on the natural appearance and function of the platform on which it is found. In layman’s terms, it is advertising that camouflages itself to blend in as organic publisher content. Quality native advertising is nearly indistinguishable from the organic content, with the exception of the “sponsored” watermark that must appear.

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Online Marketing Funnel – Banner Advertising

As part of an on-going series discussing the online marketing funnel we will be going through each digital media tactic and reviewing when media reaches the target audience and how it affects their buying and planning decisions.
The first tactic to review is display advertising (banner ads) and how, when and why to use banners as part of your online marketing strategy. Banner advertising is not as simple as it once was and there are many ways to judge to effectiveness of the tactic and whether it is the right fit for your marketing strategy.

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