Diversity and


in Digital Advertising

Are you looking to tap into the diverse multicultural audience marketplace?

Orange142 is part of the Direct Digital Holdings (DDH) family, which is dedicated to normalizing diversity in digital advertising.

DDH Whitepaper on Multicultural Consumers’ Insights on Brands’ Media Buying and Marketing Practices.

Diverse Supplier

DDH became the ninth black-owned company to go public in the US…EVER. A commitment to diversity is not just something DDH strives for in publisher relationships, it’s an integral part of the culture.

Access + Transparency

Through our relationship with our sister company, Colossus SSP, we can now offer diverse publisher relationships, expert consulting on diversity targeting, and a proprietary supply- side platform.

DDH is a full-funnel ecosystem, allowing you more access and transparency within the programmatic environment.

Diverse Offerings

Orange142 can support you in tapping into trillion-dollar underrepresented markets, including:

black family of 4 with children on parents backs smiling at camera.

We work with Black-owned and Black-dedicated publishers, like BET.


We have relationships with LatinX-owned and LatinX-dedicated publishers such as El Mundo.

Target AAPI audiences with dedicated publishers, like mitu.

two people holding hands with rainbow bracelets

We connect you with LGBTQ+ audiences through diverse publishers such as Pink.

High Income
We help you target high income individuals.

We connect you to large female audiences through female-centric publishers.

private jet flying above clouds

Get in front of 1% audiences with our publishers.

black woman relaxing on beach

Travel intent
Reach audiences inclined or planning to travel.

We’re normalizing diversity in digital advertising one ad dollar at a time. Let us help you support your DEI budget commitments and drive spend while you’re at it.

We’ll connect you with…

Monthly Servable Impressions by Audience and Market

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Orange142 has curated a multicultural and diverse network of creative talent across the many regions of the USA and internationally. Our creative teams understand the unique messaging that most resonates with multicultural communities, audiences and consumers. We task the appropriate creative talent with each client project to ensure we speak to the target audiences and ultimately deliver a message that is heard and valued. Creative ad development starts with knowing who the audience is and building the messaging strategy that will resonate most.

Multicultural FAQ

How do you reach these multicultural audiences?

Orange142 has over 40 data integrations within our advertising platform that can be utilized to build audience personas and advertising targeting segments for a variety of multicultural audiences and demographics. Additionally, in collaboration with our sister company, Colossus SSP, we have exclusive access to multicultural and minority owned websites, publishers and domains that we can leverage to maximize digital advertising engagement and relevant reach.

Where do you find Diverse Audiences Online?

These audience segments are built from comprehensive feeds from our native data integrations including credit reports, purchase data, online research, websites frequented and more. Below is a sampling of the data providers connected to the Orange142 programmatic advertising systems. Additionally, through our Colossus SSP collaboration, we combine these data segments along with relevant and premium website placements including top news, lifestyle and entertainment websites either owned or frequented by multicultural audiences. 

How do you message to each of these unique demographics?

Orange142 relies on some of the industries best designers and creative minds to compile our client messaging strategies. Additionally, we leverage relevant multicultural teams to assist in creative messaging including tone, language, dialect, and culutral authenticity. 

Every brand and campaign is different so achieving a unique voice for each audience is what we specialize in.

Multicultural Case Study

Orange142 worked with Visit Atlantic City (Previously Meet AC) to develop a strategic outreach campaign for multicultural meeting planners and raise awareness of inclusivity of the city for meetings, events and conference hosting. Utilizing the Orange142 database of multicultural audiences and layering in job titles, meeting size and industries, an email advertising campaign was executed to reach these targeted audiences in a 1-to-1 experience, right in their in-box. This targeted approach lead to fantastic performance and engagement for Visit Atlantic City, driving considerable web traffic, awareness and consideration of their inclusive destination.

Multicultural Visit Atlantic City outbound hero

Atlantic City is open and welcoming of all visitors that are of different backgrounds and cultures! Beyond the waves and casinos, we have evolved into a mecca of multicultural fusion. From Atlantic City cuisine taking you anywhere in the world with restaurants specializing in Latin, African American, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese foods to our diverse meeting space spanning from intimate private options to our 600,000 square feet of contiguous meeting space throughout our entire convention center. Meet AC is a complete resource for your meeting or event in Atlantic City.


List Size: 319,767

61,482 Total Opens

19.23% Open Rate

6,187 Clicks

1.93% Click Rate

10.06% Click-to-Open Ratio

Data Sourcing and Targeting

Below is an example of multicultural organizations we include in our internal data sourcing and targeting parameters.

  • National Diversity Council
  • African Students Union
  • Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders
  • German Club
  • Hispanic American Leadership Organization
  • Indian Student Association
  • Japanese Yosakoi Dance Club
  • La Societe Francaise
  • National Organization of Minority Architecture