XELLERANT™ Content Marketing



Developing the content strategy today for SEO and digital impact is less about technical know-how and more about the customer journey. We identify gaps/needs for the user’s journey, this would include identifying where a user’s path becomes broken and evaluating if additional content can be created to enhance the user’s journey.

We evaluate additional search terms the that user is using to identify any additional gaps in content that can be created to fill the gap for content that users are looking for.

Once the additional content is created on-page SEO will be applied to the new page(s).

Having an anchor of original content also increases the time on site, expands page depth per session, and triggers the opportunity for remarketing advertising and mailing list conversion.

Orange142 XELLERANT™ Content Writers

We have a team of dedicated content writers with specific expertise and experience in travel and tourism, higher education, consumer goods and more.

Each and every client we work with has a unique story to tell, and in turn, their followers are going to have drastically different interests and needs when it comes to the content they engage with on a daily basis. Our XELLERANT™ copywriters are in place to figure out what exactly that content is going to look like and how your followers are going to best consume it.

This focused understanding is exceedingly important as content consumption and social media continues to dominate as the primary ways for people to get news, share notable information, and stay better connected with others all around the world.

By enlisting our services, what you count on is having a dedicated strategist at your disposal that’s going to be present on all your content strategy and develop articles and blogs to keep you relevant and engaged in the conversation that’s happening online.

Advertising Your Great XELLERANT™ Content

Whether utilizing Orange142’s team of digital writers or your own archive of compelling content, great content is only as good as the people who read it. Content activation is a growing trend in the digital space and one of the most effective ways to reach consumers and tell the story of your brand.

Orange142 has a proprietary solution called “ECHO142” that helps to distribute content to the right people at the right time.

How ECHO142 Content Activation Works

  1. Using our proprietary technique to reach NEW audiences and raise awareness for brands with top of funnel engagement.
  2. Consumers are served a variety of ad units and creative designs including: banners, native ads, in-feed headlines and more.
  3. Campaigns are targeted to specific demographics and geographies. Additionally, custom site lists can be utilized as well.
  4. ECHO142 provides advertisers with significant website traffic to raise awareness and add to the pool for website retargeting.
  5. Showcase custom website content and “itinerary” based articles through images, headlines, and ad copy.
  6. Typically provides a much higher Avg. Time on Page than traditional display advertising.