Creative Services



1. Branding
First impressions are everything. Your brand is everything. Orange142 creates “custom-tailored” branding for your company and customer experiences. By creating a cohesive, consistent, and distinctive identity, your business is bound to set out from the rest.

2. Social Assets
From any social media account, we help create visuals that fit your brand and pair it with each social platform. Whether on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or more, your existing or potential customers are given a consistent brand experience, allowing the same level of quality throughout any social media journey.

3. Custom Landing Pages and Microsites
Every single web experience is well thought out. Through wire-framing/UX/UI and prototyping, Orange142 plans out interaction and layout before complete design. This phase is integral to creating a positive visual experience and entices users to engage- keeping the consistency of your brand.

4. Digital Advertising Assets
Development of engaging banners with strong call to action, digital video editing for programmatic pre-roll and Connected TV, HTML Email creative, native ad development, internet radio spots with music as well as vocal talent and much more. Orange142 can help guide creative design towards what is going to not only entice the targeted consumer but also perform well and encourage an action.

Anywhere from web, to social, video, art direction, illustration, and in real time, Orange142 is there through every step of the way to ensure your brand is nothing less than perfection.