Data Management Platform



Platform (DMP)

Better Targeting and Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience more intelligently

Use AI to analyze billions of data signals across all customer attributes and actions to develop new target audiences.

Gain insights that drive results

Analyze unlimited event-level data attributes to understand the consumer journeys that drive campaign lift.

Time perfect customer journeys

Base the cadence of the customer experience on data and know the perfect time to engage.

Using our DMP, we have the ability to consume customer data through a tracking pixel placed on the channel(s) of your choosing that allows for advanced audience segmentation by matching those user cookies with third party data. We can identify very specific demographic information such as age, gender, purchasing affinities, buyer motivations, and location in order to better understand them and in turn, personalize our interactions with them – 1:1 marketing.

For example, you could target people researching a specific product or service with display ads using creative specific to their purchasing affinity or serve relevant content to users in emails based on their segments.

Combine all of your data from any source to deliver more relevant marketing experiences.

Capture all consumer data

Unleash the power of the Orange142 Data Management Platform that captures, stores, and unifies data that goes beyond advertising.

Segment your audience more precisely

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to define and reach your target audience more efficiently and effectively.

Reach your customers no matter where they are

Understand a customer’s unique footprint across all touchpoints, and deliver personalized, relevant messages in the perfect moment.

Activate your data anywhere

Let your data inform your strategy across every touchpoint to create better advertising, commerce, and content experiences.

Data Transfer Process

Data In

Using our DMP, Orange142 can consolidate all of the first party web behavior data that is collected as customers interact with you on various channels such as social media, email, paid media, or your website utilizing data from various third-party data providers. In addition, we can also integrate data from your databases such as user registration or subscription databases into the DMP and join it with the Web and third party data.

Data Out

Using our DMP’s export tool, every day there is an export of data including a list of user ID’s and the segment they fall within that allows for easy access. We have the ability to allow all impression data plus third party data attached to all our campaign metrics to be exported to the same bucket that could be put into a database that would be updated daily. This would also have the ability to send segments OUT of our DMP and into email automation for segment targeted emails, creation or look-a-like audiences and more.

Smarter Marketing and Advertising

Utilizing a Data Management Platform is an important step for brands and advertisers looking to gain more insights on their customers and consumers as well as to find new ways to deliver compelling messaging that will drive an action online. Greater ad serving precision will allow marketers to better engage their customers and gain insight into how to further improve not online advertising tactics and methods but also how to provide a better overall experience for online consumers.