Email Customer Relationship Management



Engage New & Existing Customers

It’s All About the Journey.

The customer experience from beginning to end is tailored to fit their needs. Whether through Welcome Journeys, Special Offers, Abandon Cart, or Survey Journeys, your audience is given an experience personal to them and allows us to remarket based on a customer’s tracked actions.

Complete customization is key to begin and elevate 1-to-1 relationships. Orange142 provides a streamlined integration of existing customer data along with a structured framework for acquiring new customers and building customer profiles.

What we offer.

  • First party data onboarding & campaign strategy
  • Website predictive engagement scoring for audience segmentation
  • Subscriber management
  • Automated Messaging
  • Subscriber profile attribution
  • Cloud Page customer entry sources
  • Multiple unique journey experiences
  • Deployment & management of retargeting or promotional emails
  • Deployment & management Newsletters
  • Customized A/B testing
  • Robust monthly campaign analytics

How it Works

  • Targeting the right people – We start by identifying your
  • target audience and segmenting subscriber profile data to stimulate engagement. This allows us to reach your ideal audience with crafted personalized messaging.
  • Reach & Optimize – After establishing the target audience we then reach these customers on any type of device with responsive design that allows us to optimize messaging efficiently. So, wherever a customer opens your branded email from mobile, tablet or computer, they will display exactly how they should from any device.
  • Build & Deliver – With some of the best in-class, responsive email templates designed by industry professionals, we have the tools to build and deliver branded content that will engage customers along their journey.
  • Impact – Dynamic messages that impact action will boost customer relationships and provide your brand with multiple touch points during a customer’s lifecycle. These 1-to-1 customer journey experiences allow us to deliver messaging how your brand wants it and provides a “tune as you go” approach, based on your goals.

What Does This Mean for You?

Our eCRM Marketing Program provides your business the ability to maximize your email marketing ROI to engage with new and existing customers. We leverage our campaign strategies and cutting-edge technology to integrate custom journeys for your website visitors, loyal customers and potential customers. We extend brand marketing efforts, increase customer engagement, amplify your brand, reach your audience with responsive design and messages, and so much more; Providing the perfect mix of strategy, technology and management to deliver the impact your brand needs.