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Orange IQ

Amplify Your Brand Messaging and Demand Generation Strategies Across the Entire Spectrum of the Digital Landscape with our Marketing Services and Solutions.


Orange142’s IQ is a content and social media solution designed to improve SEO, keep your web traffic fresh and expand your social media presence. We will audit your website and SEO as well as your social media accounts and competitor placements. Then we create custom articles and deliver them via social media and email blasts to feed more data to your website and optimize your overall online presence.

The smartest part? Your in-depth findings, results, insights delivered every month.

Marketing Services

Custom Designed for Your Brand

Social Media Account Management

We execute daily strategies to get the most out of each social media post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.

Determining what content to create and curate, and deciding where to post it, is an important factor in any social media strategy. Our account teams don’t simply post on social media. We are creating, planning, and executing our clients’ content strategies across a targeted mix of social media platforms. We then use data to adapt our approach and our content to elicit the desired response from your customers and fans.

  • Stay ahead of the competition with in-depth competitor analysis and insight building
  • Let Orange142 develop an on-going content calendar to plan out social posts in advance and prevent scrambling for content.
  • Designate an audience for each post to maximize engagement
  • Set objectives for each post (engage, like, click, etc.)
  • Track every post and schedule your own with enterprise access to our Sprout Social real-time dashboard.

Custom Written Content for SEO/SEM and Content Activation programs

Developing the content strategy today for SEO and digital impact is less about technical know-how and more about the customer journey. We identify gaps/needs for the user’s journey, this would include identifying where a user’s path becomes broken and evaluating if additional content can be created to enhance the user’s journey.

We evaluate additional search terms the that user is using to identify any additional gaps in content that can be created to fill the gap for content that users are looking for.

Once the additional content is created on-page SEO will be applied to the new page(s).

Having an anchor of original content also increases the time on site, expands page depth per session, and triggers the opportunity for remarketing advertising and mailing list conversion.

E-mail marketing to your database of subscribers

  • Custom e-mail blasts each month to your customer database
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance administration
  • Template and Content generation
  • Deliver directly into the Inbox.
  • By-pass spam folders, promotions folder and clutter with Orange142 Data Normalization.
  • Clean your database of old E-Mails, un-engaged users and underperforming contacts
  • Avoid SPAM violations and blacklisting

E-mail marketing allows you to bring your messaging directly to an individual who has previously voiced an interest. The creation of E-Mail marketing campaigns also provides an opportunity for indirect conversion and provide greater insight into the prospect’s needs and most appropriate time to contact.

Orange142 has a proprietary method to scrub E-Mail and contact information to optimize E-Mail marketing campaigns and send only to individuals that are most likely to engage with your newsletters, promotions and other E-Mail activity.

Paid Search

Paid Search (sometimes called PPC or SEM) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to drive relevant web traffic to your site. Orange142 provides comprehensive paid search management through Google Adwords and Bing. Our team follows all industry best practices including:

  1. Review of any previously paid search campaign that may have been setup in Google or Bing.
    Learn from any prior mistakes and successes.
  2. Develop a keyword and search term strategy utilizing information from the client as well as Google keyword tools to find which phrases and terminology will have the highest impact on both likelihood to book a vacation/meeting and driving relevant web traffic while keeping keyword costs down.
  3. Ad copy will be developed by the Orange142 SEM team to be relevant to the landing page and overall brand while also utilizing industry best practices to achieve better performance and reduce costs.
  4. Keyword Building and Optimization includes qualified keyword creation and expansion, negative keyword inclusion, and management of keyword bids through Google Adwords and Bing Ads within the client’s account. The goal is to bid on only qualified, relevant keywords and maintain optimal positioning to deliver highest quality clicks.
  5. Ad Copy is manually developed by an SEM expert who ensures that Ad Copy reflects branding, keywords and the landing page in which the traffic will be delivered to. This ensures optimal CTR’s.
  6. Landing pages are determined based on relevancy of keywords to pages to ensure high quality scores which in turn effects a lower CPC and better positioning.
  7. Testing – Paid Search optimizations are determined through the performance and testing through the life of the campaign. These optimizations are across Ads and Keywords.

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