Display Banner Advertising

Goals FulfilledBranding, Awareness, Reach, Frequency
Device Targeting AvailableMobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet
Audience Targeting Age Range, Income, Interests, Behaviors, Purchase Intent and Much More
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes, Drive Market
Average Click Through Rate (CTR)0.07% – 0.25% CTR (variable based on ad creative, advertiser industry, and more)
Rate StructureCPM or CPC
Creative Specs300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 320×50, Rich Media (HTML5) and more
Complementary Media SolutionsRetargeting, Video Advertising

The Orange142 Custom Ad Serving Platform allows advertisers to programmatically reach 98% or more of online consumers. Access 500+ publishers, including all of the comScore top 200 website domains with serve able inventory. Custom whitelists of sites can be utilized including white listing by channel (news/weather, family, entertainment, sports, and more).

Display banner ads are best utilized as a tool for branding, awareness, reach and frequency. Many impressions can be served, and an advertiser will have multiple touch points on the targeted audiences. A secondary benefit of display banner advertising is driving website traffic. Orange142 banner campaigns typically exceed industry standards for Click Through Rate (CTR).

Orange142 banner ads are served cross device and optimized towards the platform that engages the target audience the best. 1st and 3rd party audience data is layered in to the ad serving to ensure highest engagement possible.

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