In-Need Targeting

Goals FulfilledWebsite Traffic, Branding, Awareness, Reach, Frequency, Conversions
Device Targeting AvailableMobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet
Audience Targeting Keywords and Search History, Contextually Relevant Websites.
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes, Drive Market
Average Click Through Rate (CTR)0.25% – 0.85% CTR (variable based on ad creative, advertiser industry, and more)
Rate StructureCPC
Creative SpecsImages, Logos, Headline and Body Copy AND/OR 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 320×50
Complementary Media SolutionsBanner Advertising, Retargeting, Video Advertising, Native Advertising, Email Advertising

Orange142 has a unique strategy to reach consumers and web users with advertising based on their search history, websites visited and online research. Using “In-Need Targeting” Orange142 can reach these consumers when they are actively “In-Need” of the products or services an advertiser is promoting. This hyper targeting allows for demand generation and mid-funnel audience engagement that drives awareness, consideration and conversions.

Orange142 utilizes data partners and online activity tracking to reach consumers with messaging that is needed right in that moment. Users are targeted based on the searches they perform online, website they visit and other online tracking that designates them as being “in-need” of products, services, and other conversion metrics. Niche audiences (i.e. meeting planners) can be targeted based on their most frequent online activity and web searches. This hyper targeting allows for higher Click Through Rates compared to standard banner audience targeting.

In-Need targeting utilizes native and banner creative. This can be used as a compliment to Paid Search without the high costs associated with many keywords and phrases.

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