Lead Generation

Goals FulfilledDatabase Building, Lead Sourcing, Direct Marketing
Audience Targeting Age Range, Income, Job Titles, Interests, Behaviors, Purchase Intent and Much More
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes
Rate StructureCPL
Creative SpecsHigh Resolution Logo (300×300)
Complementary Media SolutionsIn-Need Targeting, Email, Banner Advertising

Orange142 has a proprietary database of consumers and B2B contacts that is utilized for digital media campaigns. The same sourcing of leads done for our internal database can be implanted to develop leads and contact information for advertisers looking to expand their consumer database and build out their CRM. The contacts sourced will be “raw” meaning they have expressed interest in Orange142 marketing partners but may or may not recognize the advertiser. These contacts can be added to a customer relationship management software, called on and marketed to.

These contacts are supplied in an Excel format with their email address for simple importation to your existing database software and marketing funnel. For general consumers, name, email, phone, and address will be provided. For B2B contacts, name, email, phone, company name, address and LinkedIn address (if applicable) will be provided.

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