Native Advertising

Goals FulfilledBranding, Awareness, Reach, Frequency
Device Targeting AvailableMobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet
Audience Targeting Age Range, Income, Interests, Behaviors, Purchase Intent and Much More
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes, Drive Market
Average Click Through Rate (CTR)0.10% – 0.35% CTR (variable based on ad creative, advertiser industry, and more)
Rate StructureCPM or CPC
Creative SpecsImages, Logos, Headline and Body Copy
Complementary Media SolutionsBanner Advertising, Video Advertising, Paid Social

Native advertising takes on the look and feel of the publish website and typically appears in-feed with actual editorial content as “Sponsored” or “Recommended” posts. There are multiple definitions and types of Native Advertising placements. Orange142 utilizes “in-feed” ad units that appear alongside publisher content. These in-feed placements are less intrusive and more likely to engage with consumers and provide more authenticity/brand lift than traditional banner advertising.

Advertisers can utilize Native ads to showcase their great website content and tell the brand message in a more authentic way that feels less like advertising and more like story telling. Take your target audience on a journey and provide them with the opportunity to experience your content and messaging.

Native advertising typically has stronger Click Through Rates (CTR) than banner advertising and better post click performance such as lower bounce rates, longer Avg. Time on Page and more. Additionally, native ads also tend to get around ad-blocking technology and ensure your placements are being seen by your target audience.

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