Paid Search Advertising

Goals FulfilledConversions, Website Traffic, Awareness, Reach
Audience Targeting Keywords, Phrases and Search Marketing Terminology
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes
Rate StructureManagement Fee with Media Pass Through
Creative SpecsCustom Keywords, Ad Copy and Strategy

(All Developed by Orange142 and Collaboration with the Advertiser)

Complementary Media SolutionsRetargeting, Paid Social, In-Need Targeting

Paid Search (sometimes called PPC or SEM) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to drive relevant web traffic to your site. These paid ads appear on Google or Bing search pages typically at the top or bottom of the page. On average, performance with paid search is better than most any other paid media placement when it comes to measuring conversions. Appear on the top of Search Page Results while SEO efforts catchup.

“Bottom of Funnel” capture web users and potential consumers that are looking specifically for what your organization has to offer. Paid search typically drives more traffic than other paid placements and can perform just as well or better than Organic traffic to the site.

Rates are dynamic, with many variables influencing the price. Paid search through Orange142 is done through a management fee to ensure for proper campaign performance and transparency. Reporting is very comprehensive and includes all costs, keyword performance, conversion analysis and recommendations for further improvements.

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