Paid Social Advertising

Goals FulfilledBranding, Awareness, Reach, Frequency, Conversions, Lead Generation, Custom Goals
Device Targeting AvailableMobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet
Audience Targeting Interests, Job Titles, Purchase Behavior, Liked Topics and Brands, and Much More
Geographic TargetingStates, DMAs, Cities, Zip Codes, Drive Market
Average Click Through Rate (CTR)0.1% – 0.75% CTR (variable based on ad creative, advertiser industry, and more)
Rate StructureCPM, CPC, CPV, or Custom Managed Ad Program (Relevant for $50k+ in Spend)
Platforms SupportedFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
Complementary Media SolutionsRetargeting, Paid Search, ECHO142, Native Advertising

Social media advertising is one of the best ways engage with consumers online. Social allows for creative, visual and dynamic ways to reach target audiences and encourage a variety of actions/conversions. Incredibly powerful data is available that prevents wasted ad impressions and allows for immediate results and insights in to creative performance and audience engagement.

Orange142 only uses newsfeed placements to maximize engagement. Right-rail can be used if requested but is not typically recommended.

Custom campaign goals can be utilized and setup at the start of a paid social media campaign. These can include product sales, website clicks, leads generation or database building, brand awareness and more. Orange142 Social Media Strategists will work with our advertising partners to determine the best approach and how to most effectively serve paid messaging to not only drive engagement but also enhance the organic social presence of the brand.

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