Social Influencer Marketing

Goals FulfilledBranding, Awareness, Reach, Multi-Channel Exposure, Link Building
Influencer Network 40,000+ Influencers to Choose From
Influencer CategoriesLifestyle, Travel, Health/Fitness, Fashion, Parenting/Family, and More
Rate StructureVariable Based on Number of Influencers and Categories Desired
Complementary Media SolutionsPaid Social, ECHO142, Native Advertising

Orange142 partners with social influencers around the country to produce content and provide an outside voice for brands and advertisers. Our influencers cover most major audience categories and have followers that are engaged with their websites and social media channels. These “Brand Ambassadors” bring an authentic voice to brands that consumers see as valuable information and entertainment.

The Orange142 team manages the campaign fully turn-key including ideation, helping to cherry pick the best influencers and designing unique influencer solutions. Content is produced in collaboration with our advertiser partners to ensure accurate information and proper voice. This compelling, original, content that delivers the brand message, utilizes video on Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube and allows for link building that helps boost SEO and referral traffic.

Robust reporting is included post campaign showing impressions and level of engagement, performance and ROI reports as well.

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