Reaching Students and Their Parents With Connected TV

By: Wesley Rupar | Categories:Solutions & Capabilities

In 2019, 134.2 million adults streamed Connected TV video in the U.S., a number that has undoubtedly increased in 2020, meaning 56% of the adult population is engaged with streaming services, a digital medium the higher education industry has been slow to adopt. Connected TV (CTV) advertising provides the same impact and ad length as traditional television commercial spots, but with hyper audience targeting capabilities and a significantly lower cost per impression.

Of these 134.2 million adults, 44% have children, they are more likely to be employed with higher incomes, and 43% are college graduates. This data is imperative to the higher education industry adopting CTV as a viable, effective tactic seeing as nearly half of the adults have children and have graduated from college themselves, making it more likely their own children will attend a higher education institution.

The data on CTV usage is strong and provides good reasoning as to why higher ed should incorporate CTV in annual marketing plans, but the hyper targeting capabilities of CTV provide further support of adoption. The 44% of CTV streamers who have children gives Orange142 the ability to use Addressable Targeting, which includes the targeting metrics below:

  • Household Composition
  • Age of Students in Household
  • Household Income
  • Household Adult Education Level
  • Ability to Serve During Specific Programming (family, sports, etc.)
  • Ability for Dayparting (advertise during specific times of day)
  • And more

Orange142 helps our higher education clients hyper target not only students, but their highly influential parents on the same platform, at the same time. Depending on the age of the children in the household, we can devise more brand-forward advertising for high school students who are nearing the age of college research, and we can also utilize more call to action style messaging to drive website traffic and conversions in older high school students who are closer to their college journey.

In addition to offering CTV, Orange142 offers 15 other robust digital tactics to help our higher education clients gain market share with parents and students including paid search, search based display, paid social, in-need targeting, programmatic video and more.